Bagpipes & Drums of the Emerald Society, Chicago Police Department - Copyright 2023 - Honor Our Fallen


February of 1982, Chicago Police Officers William Fahey #4194 and Richard O’Brien #5337 were killed in the line of duty.

    May 1982 - With the Help of Mayor Jane Byrne and Dan Burke, the band was formed

    March 1983 - Marched in the First Parade in Milwaukee, WI

    August 1984 - Performed our First Honor’s Funeral (PO Martin Clark, CPD)

    May 1985 - First road trip to Cleveland, OH

    June 1986 - Marched in the Vietnam Veterans Parade in Chicago, IL

    July 1987 - First Competition, First Place Novice Grade MWPBA

    May 1998 - Special Recognition Award, 27th Annual Recognition Ceremony, CPD

    March 1989 - Wore Feather Bonnets for the First Time, St. Patricks Parades

    May 1990 - Honored two CPD Officers killed in the line of duty.

    November 1991 - Gtr Cleveland Peace Officer’s Memorial Society Pipe Band came to Chicago.


    May 1992 - Celebrated Tenth Anniversary with guest bands: Cleveland, Emerald Society Pipes

    and Drums of New York Police Department and Ottawa, Canada Police Pipe Band.

    May 1992 - Participated in Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

    March 1993 - Ninety members of the Garda marched on St. Patricks Day.  First time in their

    history that they have ever marched as a unit outside of Ireland.

    July 1994 - MWPBA Senior Solo Pipe, 3rd Place Finish, Tim Sheehan

    January 1995 - Fred McLaughlin missed his first practice in five years.

    October 1996 - Biloxi, MS Trip.

    May 1997 - First trip to Police Memorial, Washington, D.C.

    September 1997 - Cleveland trip to honor Elliott Ness, who never had a funeral.

    September 1998 - Bergen County Pipe Band attends Band Dance as guest band.

    November 1998 - Trip to Milwaukee, WI for 100th Anniversary of Milwaukee Police

    Department Band.

    February 1999 - Savannah, GA Trip

    November 1999 - Re-burial of Pvt. Michael Keegan, 7th US Calvary Reg. Ft. Sheridan

    March 2000 - First CD Completed

    September 2001 - Cleveland celebrates their first fifteen years.

    September 2001 - Terrible loss of 343 FDNY, 23 NYPD and 37 PAPD brothers and sisters in

    the WTC attack. We will never forget.


    May 2002 - We celebrate the first twenty years.

    July 2002 - Performed during the Schaumburg Fliers Baseball Game.

    September 2002 - Traveled to New York to honor our fallen, performing at the Javitz Center.

    October 2002 - Dedication of “Wall of Honor” at the Chicago Fire Academy.

    March 2003 - Performed during the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Game.

    March 2003 - Participated in the Chicago Bagpipe Tunes of Glory Parade.

    May 2003 - Performed during the opening ceremonies for the Chicago Special Olympics.

    June 2003 - Performed at the International Special Olympics in Dublin, Ireland

    September 2003 - Performed in the New York 9-11 Memorial in Carnegie Hall

    October 2003 - Dedication of US Postal Office to Officer Michael HEALY

    November 2003 - Performed for the Re-Dedication of Solider Field

    May 2004 - Performed at the opening of the CPD Memorial at Gold Star Park

    May 2004 - Performance at Solider Field for the Doughboy Memorial 101st Airborne from

    Fort Campbell Memorial Service for the Fallen Soldiers of Iraq

    July 2004 - Performed at the Great Lakes Conference of Mayors

    September 2004 - Performed during the Chicago White Sox Game at US Cellular Field for the

    Half way to St. Patrick’s Day Game

    March 2005 - Cleveland Pipe Band performs at Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parades (Both

    Downtown and Southside)

    May 2005 - Performed at the Chicago Police Memorial Candlelight Vigil

    September 2005 - Band has first Half way to St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

    March 2006 - First Performance in the Saint Charles Irish Parade

    July 2006 - Performed at the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Convention

    September 2006 - Chicago Police Memorial Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

    September 2006 - Chicago Police Memorial Dedication

    September 2006 - Performed at the five year anniversary of 9-11 in New York

    May 2007 - Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Band

    September 2007 - Twenty Fifth Anniversary Tattoo held at the Chicago Symphony Center

    May 2012 - Thirtieth Anniversary of the Band

    November 2013 - Began recording of Band’s second CD

    April 2014 - Completed recording of Band’s second CD

    March 2015 - Traveled to Ireland and led the St. Patrick’s Day parade down O’Connell Street.     

    Entered Dublin Castle to Honor Fallen Garda Siochana killed in the line of duty at the

    Memorial Gardens.  The first band to enter the Castle playing since 1922