Bagpipes & Drums of the Emerald Society, Chicago Police Department - Copyright 2018 - Honor Our Fallen

News & Updates

Updated 04 Dec 17


Please get your infomration to Secretary Luke ELMORE if you haven't for the band roster.

Please contact Assistant Manager Tom GALLAS at to report absences from band practice for medical, working or furlough reasons.

Members should always have their sweaters and raincoats available if the weather looks questionable.  

Members are reminded that extra or “spare” items such as spats and socks are not covered by the band unless they are for replacement due to being worn out.  Members need to purchase these items from the quartermaster as if it were a store.  Members will be invoiced for these items and in the future please pay for these items up front.  In addition, any members needing uniforms or equipment that needs repair or replacement, please contact the quartermaster.

In regard to the sporran, please hook the chain to the leather tab with the “D” rings, NOT to the rings holding the hair to the sporran.  Ask another band member if you are unsure if you are wearing the sporran correctly.

Members, please note the following regarding code 049 requests:

     1.      Please respond to whether or not you can be on the code as soon as you can.  Members who do not respond will not automatically be put on the code.

     2.     Please provide your star, unit, employee number and day off group.

     3.     Members on their RDO, Furlough, Medical or IOD can not be put on the code 049 list.

Please place your name on any receipts turned into the treasurer for reimbursement.  In addition, please notify the board when you are unable to attend a band trip that you previously signed up for.

Any member eligible for a five, ten or fifteen year pin, please contact Thomas Cody immediately.  Please note your length of membership is determined by the day you were outfitted, not the day you joined the band.  If unsure, please check with the Secretary.